Being a teenager has always had its challenges, but in this day and age, with social media telling us who we should be and what we should look like, the teen years are now more pressured than ever. This has resulted in the highest levels of anxiety, hopelessness and depression ever recorded among teens, as they struggle to meet the standards society dictates. Alongside this, the Church is portrayed as outdated and irrelevant, and its message can be drowned out by the noise and busyness of modern living.

But we know that God has a better plan, and we are set on making His voice heard among teenagers! We believe that He is reaching out to transform the lives of individuals and rescue this whole generation, through the power of the Gospel and His love. We are committed to bringing the reality of God to each new generation and to seeing young believers raised up who are radically wholehearted in their love for God, the Church and the lost.

Living Light youth group is led by a team of passionate adults, who are committed to facilitating an environment where the teens can come to get to know Jesus, experience more of His power and love and have a lot of fun within a great group of friends.

Living Light Youth Groups

Relentless Youth

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Fires Youth

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Epic Youth

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