Living Light Racine

Living Light Church Racine is currently meeting at 10am on Sundays. We come ready to hear from God together through fellowship, worship and teaching. Whether you are new to Living Light or looking for more ways to get connected and involved, we want to welcome you!

Living Light Racine
Sundays at 10am (CST)

740 College Avenue
Racine WI, 53403, USA

What to expect when you visit.

We are currently meeting on Sundays at 10am at the Living Light Community Center at 740 College Avenue, Racine WI, 53403, USA.

We begin our times together with corporate worship, which lasts about 40 minutes, followed by some brief announcements, a short break to allow parents to take their kids to classes, then a teaching lasting around 35 minutes.

Biblical Teaching


As part of our commitment to nurturing believers, we want to take every opportunity to equip people, through the Word of God, with everything they need to grow in their relationship with God. Catch up on the latest teachings or browse all Racine messages.

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Children stay with their parents for our time of worship. We offer kids classes during the teaching time for nursery through 5th grade.

Racine Office

740 College Avenue, Racine WI, 53403, USA


Upcoming Events

Church life



Our homegroups are designed to build community in the life of the church through small group gatherings, and meet once a week.

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Monday Night Prayer

On Monday evenings from 7-8pm we are meeting for corporate prayer. This is a time that we have set aside and devoted ourselves to for the sake of being refreshed, envisioned, and commissioned by the Holy Spirit.
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Mom's Group

Our moms' group is a monthly gathering for mothers to explore biblical and practical wisdom and receive encouragement and inspiration during this season of life.

Pro-Life Prayer

The second Sunday of every month we come together to pray for the mission of rescuing lives of the unborn. These meetings often include updates on current events related to this topic, encouraging testimonies, and specific ways we can get involved with this issue in the community.
Relentless youth

Relentless Youth

These weekly gatherings often include games, worship, teachings, and small groups. They are open to anyone in 6th to 12th grade (must also be at least 11 years old).

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Ladies' Nights

The second Friday of each month, we have a ladies' night! The purpose of these events is to create space for ladies to get to know each other and build deeper, Christ-centered relationships.

Young Adults

The young adults group is designed to help connect people of similar stage in life through fun and purposeful events.

There are many ways to get involved in the life of the church. If you would like to get involved with any of these groups, fill out a connect card!


Most churches refer to their leaders as pastors. While Jesus has given some individuals to the church as pastors (Eph. 4:11)—or to translate the original word properly, shepherds—that is not the term used in the New Testament for local church leaders. Those men were called elders or overseers. We therefore believe the biblical pattern for leadership of the local church is by a plurality of elders under the oversight of apostolic ministry. The men called to this role must outwork pastoral care and exercise biblical authority in the life of the church. Gifting and Christ-like character are necessary for this task.

Elders and Wives

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